How to choose a costume ?

Whether a carnival, a Halloween party, a play or a birthday party, children require a lot of their costumes. But big, too, are spoiled for choice in their costume every day.

Lay on the "dressing code"

For children, the costumes must be robust and allow room to move, to face the bad weather, they should not break immediately and in addition, they must also be beautiful. On the other hand, parents want soft materials for the skin and for a good cleaning in case something would be dirty.

For women

With this dress code, the ladies can really go in all directions. As for jewelry and accessories, women can unleash their creativity. Formal occasions, however, require the necessary shade, so it is advisable to keep the outfit a bit more modest. A chic summer clothes should have a "key" bohemian. Think long skirts and elegant dresses, Aztec prints, the fringe, the ruffles and feathers. The rather modest women can choose a long skirt with a jacket with a beautiful flower print or a summer color. Fabrics such as linen and cotton have a summer nature. These tissues give off a lot of air and therefore are ideal for outdoor events. In terms of colors, the possibilities are always endless.

A chic man in summer

For summer, the dress code is not necessarily a standard dress for men. When this dress code is mentioned on a wedding invitation, this almost always means that the gentlemen are expected in costume. In general, by invitation, asked if the men wear a traditional costume or can choose a summer version. The basic rule is: always wear summer colors. These include almost all the bright colors. Fabrics such as linen and cotton are lightweight and offer a summer appearance. These fabrics are particularly suited to the opportunities held out.

The accessories summer sunglasses or hat go well with a summer outfit chic for men. The code is said that he'll just ask your style and choose the beautiful clothing brand.